The year is over. At least nearly over. The academic calendar can be folded away and put into a box clearly labeled ‘2013’; the road map for the 3 months of holidays coming up can be unfolded and laid out on my desk for closer examining. Where do you start?

After a year that has been filled with mountains that seemed immovable, victories that were sometimes short-lived, and moments of self-doubt, it only seems appropriate that this next couple of days needs to incorporate some smooth-sailing. That would be nice.

I feel like I’m being a little bit dramatic. This year has been amazing. I’ve had some crazy times with my housemates! From trips to the beach; nights out on the town; afternoons spent in the courtyard; and the occasional walk in e neighbourhood. It’s been great. Getting learn more about your friends and developing closer relationships with them added to the festive times we shared – even the late night run in with the “popo” (police)!

I learnt a lot about myself: identity, character, and values. Within the storms and craziness of life, I treasure the quiet times I had on top of Signal Hill ( a beautiful vantage point from which to see the Cape Town city lights and the ocean). I’m thankful to my friend who showed me this spot where I can be alone and focus on my thoughts and my heart. Being able to just step away from everything that was going on in my relationship, school, house and family, to just put things into perspective and to view them from the outside. Trips to the wine lands of Stellenbosch and Franschoek to bask in the beautiful, radiant sunlight and blue skies.

As challenging as this year has been academically, probably physically too, I have to say thanks to God, my friends and family for their continued support. Each conversation had, wisdom imparted, and jokes shared, has been a beautiful moment in this year and will not be quickly forgotten.

I need time to myself – these 3 months couldn’t have come any sooner! Durban, here I come!


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